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The new build

With the help of our generous community, local businesses and all layers of the government,we are so excited to be able to expand our childcare facility in Altona. 

Our new building will be licensed for 118 childcare spaces.  Combined with our existing spaces at the Centre avenue location, we will have a total of 167. 


Site: 120-9th street NW, Altona  Current Borderland School Division property 


Budget: ~ $6,500,000

When: Approximate opening date September 2024


Why: To meet growing childcare demands in the Altona & surrounding area.


How: With the assistance and support of our members and community through fundraising, the Town of Altona, Local business donations, Grant Awards, MB Families Provincial Operating Grant, and Community donations.


Why expand?

• Access to childcare in the Rhineland area is very under-served

• Currently, childcare space in the Rhineland are is available for only 4.2% of children 0-12 years old*

• Overall in Manitoba childcare is available to only 17.6% of children*

• Canadian experts believe that at least 50% of all children 0-12 should have access to full-time childcare

• This shortage of access to childcare is negatively impacting our communities


• Access to childcare supports economic development in the community

*Source: Reconnaissance Management Consulting Group 2017

Access to childcare is a major factor in parents going back to work and it:

  • Increases workplace retention rates

  • Improves workplace recruitment with wider access to talent

  • Supports retention & advancement of women in the workplace:

-Women are still the primary gender opting out of work for a period of time to provide care for their young families.

Investing in childcare also:

  • Supports Economic Development: For every $1 invested in childcare, $1.58 is generated in local benefits

  • Creates jobs in Early Childhood Education in our community

  • Invests in the future - the education of our children and growth of our community

Community Benefits

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