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Kiddie Sunshine Centre Inc.

Play. Learn. Grow. 

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About Us

The Kiddie Sunshine Centre is a non-profit organization that is government licensed and regulated. We offer child care and nursery school services to the town of Altona and surrounding area. Our satellite Centre is Rhineland Child Care, also located in Altona.



 2 - 5 Years old

School Age

Before & After School 


Nursery School

Age 3 till Kindergarten

Brown Nut Free Zone Poster.png

Our facility is


**Please do not bring anything containing peanuts or tree nuts onto the daycare grounds.**

What Parents Think

"One of the things that truly sets Kiddie Sunshine Centre apart is their commitment to providing a stimulating and enriching environment for children. Every day, my daughters are exposed to new concepts and ideas through creative play and hands-on discovery. It's heartwarming to see them come home excited about what they've learned and eager to share their experiences."

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